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🎶 songs to notion to, notion fitness inspo + notion is basically harry potter

the notion bar: notion tips, templates, musings + vibez 🥂
🎶 songs to notion to, notion fitness inspo + notion is basically harry potter
By Frances Odera Matthews  • Issue #10 • View online
Hi hi! 

It’s Q4 baby (screams internally). If you’re north of the equator, that also means cooler temperatures, darker nights and lots of blankets. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to be inside. My post-panini summer has been back-to-back-to-back with social events to the point where I’m looking forward to entering ‘founder-hibernation-build-mode’ (iykyk) and doing mostly nothing this winter.
In prep for my hygge-era I’m transitioning away from my afrobeats–disco-bussitdown playlists for slower, soul-filled beatz. The result… I’m getting… a lot of work done. I’ve put my favourite tracks in a playlist I like to call ‘songs to notion to’ that I’ve been playing in the background of my Notion coaching calls and while I do client builds.
Discover the vibes
Discover the vibes
It’s mostly vibey nu-soul tracks which instantly lower your anxiety levels but with a little bounce thrown in to push you though a marathon session of deep work. I’m personally obsessed and have been receiving so many compliments on calls.
Just imagine Notioning in a coffee shop listening to these tunes, bliss.
ALSO, I’m still reeling over this tweet.
It deserved a special shout out from the usual Tweet Wall you get at the bottom of this newsletter (keep scrolling boo). Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I can’t unsee it. Next time someone tries to tell me Notion is a productivity tool I’m going to send them to this tweet! Notion is a possibility tool, not a productivity tool 🪄
If this week was a GIF, it would be:
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I’m building for clients + collabs:
  • Workspace audit for dev agency
  • Website spruce up with members-only section + employee training for Art members club startup
  • Surprise collab based around UGC
  • Suprise journal collab
  • Members-Only Fitness Challenge for my lovely client Lisa’s Living Club!
UGH, in love. - this was originally a Google Sheet!
UGH, in love. - this was originally a Google Sheet!
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I’m building for me:
  • A house-hounting dashboard for London
  • Re-vamping my Notion workspace!
You’re building:
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What's going on in the members clubbbb ↯
Last session we rebuilt the database in my Beyoncé template!
Last session we rebuilt the database in my Beyoncé template!
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the notion bar: notion tips, templates + vibez🥂
Everyone keeps chatting about how 'that Leo graph' was a waste of time

So I wasted 24 more minutes in @NotionHQ pulling even more stats about how Leonardo DiCaprio refuses to date a woman over 25

Timelapse below 👇🏾
Thomas Frank
Just published a COMPLETE reference guide for @NotionHQ formulas.

- 41,000+ words
- 78 example databases
- Covers EVERY function, operator, and constant

This is the product of 4 months and 300+ hours of work.

It's 100% free.

Explore it here:
Catherine | Notion Creator
Working on a @NotionHQ National Parks tracker just for fun — I might never use it but at least it's pretty??
Thanks for reading!
I’d love to see how you’re all remixing the templates, tweet me or tag me on Instagram  (@thenotionbar) and I’ll share your creations with the world!
If you have any template ideas or want to collab on something, reply to this!
If you are interested in Notion coaching/consulting - book a call
Looking forward to creating more magical things with you this year!
Chat soon! 
Frances Odera Matthews
Founder of The Notion Bar & Certified Notion Consultant (✨Artiste✨)
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