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👾 new notion features 🪐 twitter spaces today 💃🏾 mojo 💸 make money

the notion bar: notion tips, templates, musings + vibez 🥂
👾 new notion features 🪐 twitter spaces today 💃🏾 mojo 💸 make money
By Frances Odera Matthews  • Issue #7 • View online
Hi hi! 
So I think I’ve sort of broken out of my burnout cycle, kinda!
Making content again + feeling motivated thanks to some new tools/processes + have my Domestika course release on the horizon + about to break 10k on Twitter and more!

If this week was a GIF, it would be:
Upcoming Events ↯
We're Building? ↯
I’m building for clients:
  • Founders portal for VC firm
  • Client portal for design agency
  • Website spruce up with members-only section + employee training for Art startup
  • Life dashboard for mum + course-creator!
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I’m building for me:
  • A house-hounting dashboard for London
  • My new ‘Link Tree’ page
  • A behavioural science marketing checklist for the Irrational Labs bootcamp I’m in
You’re building:
  • Watch this space
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Explore ↯
What's going on in the members clubbbb ↯
Stop struggling alone - try it!
Stop struggling alone - try it!
For anyone looking to level up with Notion
  • Huge library of recorded material covering beginner > advanced techniques
  • Self-paced curriculum with a group of 8+ other innovators
  • 1 x monthly themed workshop (I normally charge £££ per private workshop!)
  • 1 x Show, Tell ‘n’ Ask session where silly questions + cool projects are welcomed
  • 30% discount to my templates
£££ £12/mth ➡ try it
Tweet Wall ↯
Kara Skrip
Me, a NoCode enthusiast…
Husband: “I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of journaling, maybe with Notion.”
Me: *accepts obvious invite to discuss every NoCode tool that could possibly be used and why @NotionHQ is an excellent choice*
the notion bar: notion tips, templates + vibez🥂
🧨 wrapping up a @NotionHQ makeover for an art client - posting a sneak peak for inspo!

total database architecture + user experience + design overhaul 🤓

Logged into @NotionHQ on the Meta Quest to check my read later list.

Also checking out webxr
Thanks for reading!
I’d love to see how you’re all remixing the templates, tweet me or tag me on Instagram  (@thenotionbar) and I’ll share your creations with the world!
If you have any template ideas or want to collab on something, reply to this!
If you are interested in Notion coaching/consulting - book a call
Looking forward to creating more magical things with you this year!
Chat soon! 
Frances Odera Matthews
Founder of The Notion Bar & Certified Notion Consultant (✨Artiste✨)
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