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more soulful projects? cuter callout blocks, 🧨Product Hunt Launch🧨 + british vogue

the notion bar: notion tips, templates, musings + vibez 🥂
more soulful projects? cuter callout blocks, 🧨Product Hunt Launch🧨 + british vogue
By Frances Odera Matthews  • Issue #2 • View online
Hi hi! 
It’s Frances from The Notion Bar back again sprinkling your inbox with musings on Notion & life

First thing’s first, I launched my journal on Product Hunt today & would love your support here 🙏🏾
Never knew building a journal would be such a vulnerable project - the fact that 342+ of you are using it blows my mind. Thank you for all you kind feedback & support
If this week was a GIF, it would be:
The law of attraction has truly been attracting . I’m opting out of hardcore hustle culture and opting into going with the flow
Mini-Journal Update:
Lots of ideas brewing this month - can’t wait for it all to come into Fruition & share with you all!
Here's what's on my mind:
the notion bar: notion tips, templates + vibez🥂
I *really* want to start seeing more culture-based @NotionHQ projects this year

Like, I get it, habit/goal trackers etc are cool but the community is saturated with these imo

Notion is *so much more* - it's a great way to share stuff people connect emotionally with
The Notion community is amazing, however I feel like the community groups are starting to fill up with ‘habit trackers’ and ‘task managers’.
Notion is soooo much more than that - this year, I’d love to see more projects based around pop-culture/things that inspire us like fashion or music. For example, I built this template based on British Vogue’s new cover celebrating black models 👇🏾
Some other cool things!
New Template
I flipped British Vogue’s new cover into a Notion template with a database for each model. You can download and re-use this for a team profile page - if you do use it, I’d love to see!
If you’d like to be an affiliate for any of my templates (who doesn’t loveee passive income), you can sign up here
the notion bar: notion tips, templates + vibez🥂
Excited to be speaking at @NotionHQ's Block x Block conference - what a great line up 🧨

See you there!
"We shape our tools, thereafter our tools shape us.”

Today, two new leaders join Notion to put this in practice!

Together, Madhu & Bertie will grow our product, comms and brand: building better tools and telling the stories of people who shape them 🧰💌
Leading a workshop today for Babes on Waves biz club!
New Video
My Dreamy 2022 Gratitude Journal | Notion Tour  + Template Download!
My Dreamy 2022 Gratitude Journal | Notion Tour + Template Download!
Notion Tip
Transform your callout blocks!!
What I’ve been watching:
So easy to track in my journal 😍 Do we have any shows in common? What should I watch next? Reply to this email!
Cool Notion Tweets from the Community
@NotionHQ Will be possible to move blocks inside simple tables in notion? That would crack my daily routine all organize everything on a whole new level! Here is a mockup
Karima Abdou
@NotionHQ is there a way to remove/hide the calculate row at the bottom of tables? Thanks!
Trendz + Predictions
the notion bar: notion tips, templates + vibez🥂
🧨 Prediction:

This year, @NotionHQ will start to seep outside the 'typical' tech crowd and we will get a larger variety of products

Influencer templates to sell will be a thing
(& I'll hopefully partner to build some)
People *want* to work at companies that use Notion. If you’re interested in advertising your job posts to more than 718 avid Notion fans, reply to this message 💫
Thanks for reading!
I’d love to see how you’re all remixing the templates, tweet me or tag me on Instagram  (@thenotionbar) and I’ll share your creations with the world!
If you have any template ideas or want to collab on something, reply to this!
If you are interested in Notion coaching/consulting - book a call
Looking forward to creating more magical things with you this year!
Chat soon! 
Frances Odera Matthews
Founder of The Notion Bar & Certified Notion Consultant (✨Artiste✨)
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