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😍happy notion-tine day😍, black notion twitter, database update & workshop tomorrow 💫

the notion bar: notion tips, templates, musings + vibez 🥂
😍happy notion-tine day😍, black notion twitter, database update & workshop tomorrow 💫
By Frances Odera Matthews  • Issue #5 • View online
Hi hi! 
It’s Frances from The Notion Bar back again sprinkling your inbox with musings on Notion & life

If this week was a GIF, it would be:
Lots of exciting things on the horizon that i can’t wait to share with you all! The next few months will be hectic but worth it 💫
It’s Valentine’s Day! Make sure to check out my new template to plan your solo, couple or friend dates. More info below
I recently launched Black Notion Twitter - so awesome to provide a space for Black voices in the Notion community. My inbox is always filled with concern by lack of representation for Black people in the Notion community, so I thought I’d make a space for people to find each other :)
Black Notion Twitter!
Mini-Journal Update:
Something tells me I should sleep more!
Something tells me I should sleep more!
Here's what's on my mind:
Honestly just really excited for Black Notion Twitter! It’s been less than a week and there are already 300 members. There is 10000% a racial ‘Notion’ gap, so I’m hoping this is a step in the right direction to improve it 💃🏾
Some other cool things!
New Template
The ultimate ‘Date Planner’ - very proud of this one! Tracks restaurants/activities you want to do and lets you create ‘leaderboards’ based on the places you go :)
If you’d like to be an affiliate for any of my templates (who doesn’t loveee passive income), you can sign up here
New in the Membership Club
Workshop tomorrow!
Other Announcements + Events
New permission level for databases! Grant a teammate “Can edit content” access:

→ They can still create and edit DB pages
→ They CANNOT change the structure of DB properties, views, filters or sorts

No more database accidents 🙈
the notion bar: notion tips, templates + vibez🥂
Excited to be speaking at @NotionHQ's Block x Block conference - what a great line up 🧨

See you there!
New Video!
Walkthrough for the Date Planner!
Notion Tip
the notion bar: notion tips, templates + vibez🥂
🧨 Something new I'm doing in @NotionHQ!

Adding a 'quick entry' section for tasks on the homepage
What I’ve been watching:
So easy to track in my journal 😍 Do we have any shows in common? What should I watch next? Reply to this email!
Cool Notion Tweets from the Community
Trendz + Predictions
the notion bar: notion tips, templates + vibez🥂
🧨 Trend: I keep seeing @NotionHQ EVERYWHERE on vids that aren't even about Notion/nor do they even mention anything about Notion
People *want* to work at companies that use Notion. If you’re interested in advertising your job posts to more than 790 avid Notion fans, reply to this message 💫
Thanks for reading!
I’d love to see how you’re all remixing the templates, tweet me or tag me on Instagram  (@thenotionbar) and I’ll share your creations with the world!
If you have any template ideas or want to collab on something, reply to this!
If you are interested in Notion coaching/consulting - book a call
Looking forward to creating more magical things with you this year!
Chat soon! 
Frances Odera Matthews
Founder of The Notion Bar & Certified Notion Consultant (✨Artiste✨)
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